Oppose SB 8 - It Raises taxes by $10 billion a Year and adds sales taxes to services performed

Whereas, in 2012 California votes passed Prop. 30, which raised taxes by $6 billion a year for seven years, with the money to go for government education, and

Whereas, CalSTRS has increased the mandated contributions for teachers pensions, matched by local school districts, which is where a large amount of the Prop. 30 money is going, not to the classroom, and

Whereas, historically California have never paid a sales tax on services such as attorneys and accountants bills, yoga or dancing classes and other services, and

Whereas, we were told by Governor Brown in 2012 that Prop. 30 was going to be a temporary tax, just seven years, yet former State Senate Democrat Leader Darrell Steinberg declared his intent to make this measure permanent, and

Whereas, Democrat State Senator Robert Hertzberg has introduced SB 8 as the replacement for Prop. 30, but with a $10 billion a year price tax, taxes on services which the Republican Party in California has always opposed, and

Whereas, SB 8 has the $10 billion allocated to go to education, but no reform of the system, plus it is unknown how much of this money will actually go to prop up CalSTRS and the pension system of the University of California—both seriously unfunded.

Therefore be it resolved that the California Republican Party on March 1, 2015 at convention in Sacramento, California go on record in opposition to SB 8 and ask  our Republican legislators to oppose this massive tax increase.

Be it further resolved that the Secretary of the California Republican Party send a copy of this resolution to all Republican legislators and to the media.

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