TPCC Resolution Against Common Core

Resolution to Oppose and Eliminate Common Core Education Policies in California

Whereas, Common Core is a Federally-instituted “one-size-fits-all” education program that will not improve educational outcomes but it will certainly be used to control and manipulate our children, and

Whereas, Common Core limits critical thinking in our children and promotes a data-driven system seeking conformity, standardization and adherence to the shallow and generic Common Core curriculum, and

Whereas, the Republican National Committee recognizes the manipulation entwined with adoption of Common Core and adopted a resolution calling on the GOP to stand firm against this centralization plot, and 

Whereas, Common Core is in direct opposition to the intent of our Founding Fathers as stated in the Tenth Amendment limiting Federal Government powers and instilling these powers instead to individual States, and

Whereas, on April 26th a coalition of State Senators sent a letter to Senate Appropriations Committee (Grassley letter) seeking an amendment to  the appropriations bill funding the Department of Education which would restore State decision–making.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, by the California Republican Party in convention on October 6, 2013 in Anaheim, California that the Republican Party call on legislators and local elected officials to renounce Common Core and restore State and local control of our schools and curriculum.

Further Resolved, that the California Republican Party send this resolution to the media and to all elected officials registered as Republicans in the State of California, both partisan and non-partisan.

Submitted by

Randall Jordan, San Luis Obispo

California Republican Party Delegate


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  • Priscilla Schreiber
    commented 2013-10-09 00:45:03 -0700
    This is a good effort, but unfortunately, even Republicans on School Boards, up and down the state, are voting right now to implement CC. As a requirement for much needed monies the state has tied dollars to one-time funding that strongholds school districts into implementing Common Core. I am on an “All-Republican” school board and am the only board member trying to, at least, bring this opposing anti CC perspective. Unfortunately, our Board President, who is also a member of the San Diego County GOP executive committee has denied me in having any anti CC dialogue. Our entire “Republican” board is pro-Common Core. Sadly, most Republican school board members and majority school boards are pro-Common Core and have not publicly voiced opposition but instead are going along with the state’s effort to nationalize education under “Obamacore”.
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