TPCC Resolution for Enforcement of Current Immigration Laws



Whereas, Federal law makes it illegal to assist illegal aliens in any way, and

Whereas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Francisco, among other California cities, are self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” where the police may not ask a detainee their immigration status, and

Whereas, the cost of illegal aliens to California taxpayers is approximately $21 billion, including local and State cost for health care, education, justice system, lost jobs for honest Americans, gridlock on roads and freeways, etc., and

Whereas, it has been estimated that upwards of one third of all criminals in jail and prison in California are illegal aliens, and

Whereas, there is a call for comprehensive immigration reform due to the lack of enforcement of current laws by Washington, Sacramento and local communities, and

Whereas, if government refuses to enforce some laws, it tells the citizens that laws are not fair nor are they equally enforced, so why obey the laws they do not like, and

Whereas, President Obama ordered the stopping of the building of the border fence, gave amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens after Congress voted NO, is trying to end the Secure Communities program and allowing illegal aliens free cell phones, health care without vetting and college education squeezing out honest American students.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the California Republican Party at convention on October 6, 2013 call for immediate comprehensive immigration reform by enforcing the current laws that are not being enforced, and use Federal law to end the illegal acts of local government to give sanctuary to those who violate our national laws by using phony and stolen ID’s, lie on job and education application forms and violate our laws on a daily basis.

Further Resolved, that the California Republican Party states clearly that we oppose all forms of law breaking and urge our elected officials to enforce all of our laws. This resolution should be sent to the media and all legislative elected Republican in Sacramento and Washington.

Submitted by

Norm Thompson, San Luis Obispo

California Republican Party Delegate

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