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Tea Party California Caucus is the conservative movement in California.

As Conservatives take back America, California liberals are holding our Golden State back. Jerry Brown and Progressives in both parties are determined to thwart President Trump's policies and quell the Conservative grassroots in California.

Tea Party California Caucus is leading the charge behind enemy lines to fight for our Conservative values. But we need you to join the cause. Become a member today!

$25 / YEAR

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Your membership includes:
  • Recognition in “TPCC Conservative” – our bi-monthly newsletter upon joining; listing your name, your group, and your city
  • Exclusive TPCC Member pin
  • Members’ discount at TPCC events
  • Early invitation and discounts to TPCC California Republican Party Convention dinners
  • The opportunity to carry a TPCC Proxy to vote on the CRP Convention Floor*
  • Opportunity to submit written articles for the TPCC Newsletter**
 Your organization's membership includes:
  • Your group’s website linked to the Tea Party California Caucus website
  • Your group’s logo placed on our website
  • Your group’s logo incorporated into our literature, banner, and newsletters
  • 2 leaders’ names mentioned on our website
  • Reduced costs of tables at TPCC events
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Step 1: Download and fill out our membership form.

Download: Individual - "Patriot Membership" form

Download: Organization - "Affiliate Group" form

Step 2: Send your form back to us.

You can email your form to our membership team by clicking here.

Don't want to email us your form? You can mail it to us physically here:

TPCC Membership
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Atascadero, CA 93423

Step 3: Choose and pay for your level of membership.

Sign up for multiple years and receive not only a discount, but some great perks!

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Individual Levels

Bronze = 1 Year membership for $25
Includes all patriot member benefits listed above.

Silver = 3 Year membership for $68
Includes all Bronze-level benefits plus an additional 10% discount to TPCC paid events.

Gold = 5 Year membership for $100
Includes all Silver-level benefits plus a chance to join the TPCC Steering Committee.***

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Group Levels

Bronze = 1 Year membership for $50
Includes all affiliate group benefits listed above.

Silver = 3 Year membership for $135
Includes all Bronze-level benefits plus your group’s name and two leaders mentioned in three successive “TPCC Conservative” newsletters.

Gold = 5 Year membership for $200
Includes all Silver-level benefits recognition as a Gold Sponsor in all Events and special recognition from podium at all TPCC sponsored Events, as well as two one-year individual “Patriot” memberships for two members of your choice.

Step 4: Welcome to the team!

Our membership coordinators will contact you shortly to make sure everything with your membership is ready to go, and to welcome you the biggest conservative movement in California politics!

In the meantime, take your membership to the next level! Consider signing up as a TPCC Volunteer! Volunteers do more than just watch the CRP Convention happen - they make it happen! There are lots of duties and ways for everyone to help out!

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* Must be a registered Republican and a CRP Delegate or Associate Delegate with current membership dues. Apportionment is determined upon availability.
** Submission does not guarantee printing.
*** At the discretion of the TPCC Steering Committee as vacancies apply.