Resolution in Support for Farmer's Water Needs in the California Drought

The California Republican Party supports the use of the free market to meet the water needs of the State

Whereas, California has a drought, but the lack of water is due to government policies such as water going to fish rather than farms and families, the threat to take San Joaquin Valley farmers water that was delivered from the Delta and banked at Dams and Reservoirs for fish, and

Whereas, as the policies take water from families and farms, food costs go up, jobs are lost and the California economy continues a Depression level real unemployment, and

Whereas, government has the responsibility of helping create jobs and not harming families intentionally through policies that have proven to harm the State, and

Whereas,  ending protections for delta smelt, fairy shrimp and salmon will help people, jobs and hold down food costs, and

Whereas, due to the lack of river and public water available for farming, farmers have had to dig digger wells and over draft ground water causing a lack of ground water and the sinking of lands,

Therefore, be it resolved by the California Republican Party at convention in Burlingame, California on March 16, 2014 we request the legislature and Governor re-prioritize our water with people first, and

Be it further resolved;

  1. Turn back on the Delta pumps to the Westside Farmer to 2007 levels.
  2. Stop the Restoration project of the San Joaquin River for salmon run “Completely”
  3. Build Temperance Dan NOW and look at other location for water storage and power usage. Declare an emergency status and bypass regulations.
  4. Congress to declare CA US Forest a disaster area to improve Water Shed.
  5. Reform the Endangered Species Act: to stop playing God and believe in evolution species die off, the strongest and fittest survive, not caused by humans.
  6. Reform; Prop 65, to original format to 1972, CEQA to original format to 1970, NEPA to original format to 1969, Air Quality Standards to 2013,
  7. Stop Brown in shutting down or stop funding the good environmental groups in June, groups that are fighting for water shed, invasive plant and animal species, etc. Such groups as:
  • Department of Conservation – Watershed Coordinator Program
  • Department of Water Resources – Facilitation Support Services
  • Department of Water Resources – Sierra Water Work Group
  • Sierra Nevada Conservancy/Prop 84 – Sustainable Forests and Communities Collaborative
  • State Funding through UC Davis – Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Program

Submitted by:
Richard Farinelli, Madera, CA
California Republican Party Delegate

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