Resolution to Promote Job Creation by Re-evaluating “Green Code” Regulations, and by Lowering Taxes and Fees

Whereas, state mandates to local County and City jurisdictions have in fact restricted continued operation and growth of construction and related concerns in this state due to implementation of “Green Code”, and 

Whereas, costs for products and labor in these fields has skyrocketed due to crippling regulations, additional taxes and increased fees in the name of “ Green Building ”on a local and regional level, and 

Whereas, adoption of these “Green” requirements incrementally has and will impact all California homeowners with added permit responsibilities and eventually negatively impact the sale of private residences due to retrofits not clearly outlined but written as recommendations to current building codes, and

Whereas, these “green codes” add nonproductive cost to projects which are passed on to the consumer, making California projects expensive, and 

Whereas, Constitutionally limited government and free markets are fundamental to the Republican Party stated platform, 

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Republican Party at convention in Burlingame, California on March 16, 2014  urge state, county and city governments to reevaluate passing of Green Building Codes and local Climate Action Plans to encourage business development and growth instead of limiting  and in some cases eliminate job creation and growth, and

Be it further resolved that the State of California and any government agency using the “green codes” do an economic impact report, including job losses and firms leaving the State before each project is forced to use these stands and that the government entities pay for the reports, since it is their standards being mandated.


Submitted by:
Randall Jordan, Paso Robles, CA
California Republican Party Delegate

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