Resolution Asking California Republican Party to take Lead in Repealing Prop 14

Whereas, the purpose of the “Top Two” primary was to create a larger voter turnout in primaries, and

Whereas, per the Sectary of State office in 2004 the primary turnout was 44%, in 06 it was 33%, in 08 it was 28%,  in 2010 it was 33%, in 2012 it was 31%, as of today the 2014 primary turnout is 20% (need to update this with final figures), and

Whereas, due to the “Top Two” no third party candidate is on the November, 2014 ballot, in fact the American Independent Party knowing it could not get on the November ballot, stopped running candidates, and

Whereas, in 2012 there were 28 legislative seats that had only one Party on the November ballot, and

Whereas, in November there will be 27 legislative seats with only one Party on the ballot, three seats with a Democrat vs. Non partisan (No Republican was willing to run, plus eleven seats where only the incumbent run—unopposed, and   (again will need to update these numbers),

Whereas Prop. 14, the “Top Two has resulted in third Parties not running candidates and no third parties on the November ballot, a large number of  legislative seats with one party rule and contrary to the goal, fewer people turning out to vote,

Therefore be it resolved by the California Republican Party at convention in Los Angeles, that the Party promote a ballot measure to repeal Prop. 14 and again give reason to voters to participate in primary elections, bring open discussion and debate to both the June and November elections and to show we are the Party that does not suppress the vote.


Submitted by:
Stephen Frank, Simi Valley, CA
California Republican Party Delegate

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