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Important Deadlines!



PROXIES – September 20, noon

IMAG0371sm.jpgGetting appointed as a voting CRP delegate is fairly straightforward and easy. It helps a lot if you were a volunteer or donor on a campaign or with a party, but that's not essential.

Simply go to any former candidate who ran as a Republican and ask if they have any CRP appointments left. If they do, its as easy as asking for the appointment.

It's important to stress that the candidate does not need to have been elected.  Even candidates that failed to be elected have CRP appointments as long as they were the top Republican in their race!

Remember, these appointments almost always go only to the people who ask.  Be one of those people.

If you take action now, the chances are very good that you can be a voting delegate at the CRP Convention.

The CRP must receive the appointment paperwork from your candidate prior to September 2nd, so hurry!


Don't forget you will need to pay membership dues to the CRP as well as convention registration!

Click here to pay your CRP Membership Dues

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  • Armen Minasian
    commented 2014-01-03 16:21:22 -0800
    help me be a delegate
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