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It's what a "Caucus" is all about.

The key word in Tea Party California Caucus is "Caucus" - which means the organization of voting members within an organization. It's TPCC's main purpose - it organize like-minded Conservatives and Tea Partiers within the California Republican Party. The association is voluntary, but working together, Conservatives can make a major difference in the direction of the CRP.

Twice a year, the CRP meets in open session, and it is in these sessions that you get to vote on CRP issues. But to have your voice heard, you must be a Delegate or an Associate Delegate.

How to become a Delegate

Becoming a Delegate of the CRP is not the easiest, but it's the best way to make sure you have a voice on the floor of the convention. To become a CRP Delegate, you must be appointed by a Republican County Central Committee Chairman, or Republican electeds with districts in California. Details can be found in the CRP Bylaws here.

Because there are limited Delegate slots, and the path requires appointment, there is another way to vote at the Convention:

Become an Associate Delegate

Associate Delegates are also appointed, and there are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Ask an existing Delegate for an appointment.
  • Ask the Chairman of your County Central Committee.
  • OR, you can ask us! We can make sure you get an Associate Delegate appointment. Click here for more information!

You will need to download the official CRP Associate Delegate appointment form. Click here for more information.

Once you've been appointed as an Associate Delegate - you're not done. If you want to vote on the floor of the CRP Convention, you'll also need to secure a Proxy from a Regular Delegate.

What is a Proxy and why do I need it?

A "Proxy Vote" is an absentee vote for a regular Delegate of the CRP. Many Delegates never make it to the Conventions, but can assign these proxy votes to another person to vote on their behalf. The holders of these Proxies must be Associate Delegates, and there are strict rules for the use of these votes. See the CRP Bylaws for more information.

Many Delegates never even send a Proxy to the Conventions in their place. TPCC is gathering the support of CRP Delegates and working with them to guarantee their Proxies go to true Conservatives who support our values and mission.

Click here if you would like more information about collecting a Proxy.


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