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  • Terry Le
    commented 2024-04-20 13:51:49 -0700
    My name is Terry Le and I am 25 years old resident of Chicago. I’m running for House Rep 13 district Illinois. I am humbly asking for an endorsement. My parents came from Vietnam in the 1980s in their escape from communism. I went to University of Illinois at Chicago and served in the US Army. I am very passionate about this nation and love our freedoms. I see our this nation is thrown into shambles watching crime, housing, cost of living, migrant crisis, men in women sports, sexual indoctrination of our children in Chicago and so much more. I have relatives and family members who have loss their business due to the covid lockdowns. My relatives were robbed at gun point before and had their houses broken in many times. I have started to become passionate about politics since I was in high school I see the rot and corruption in Chicago and I want to be that change. 100 years of Democrat rule has ran this city into the ground. People leaving Democrat ran states like Illinois, NY, NJ, Cali and moving to red states like Texas and Florida in droves. Chicago is the only city who’s population is lower now in 2024 than it was in 2000. The people in this city wants change and I feel like I can be that change. We must crackdown on crime like Nayib Bukele has done in El Salvador from the highest murder rate to the safest country in the Western Hemisphere. We must fight to lower taxes and cut regulations. We must also fight the insanity that is men in women sports before we lose this nation is forever! We must remember Chicago that it is the Republican party that freed the slaves, gave black people the right to vote, gave women the right to vote and every single civil rights legislation. Democrats under President LBJ and his mass welfare gave incentives for women to marry the government. 80% of black children in Chicago grew up in a single parent household which leads to mass crime, drug use, incarnation, poverty and more. We must give incentives for people to get married, stay married and have a lot of kids. Maybe no income tax for a married family with 4 or more kids. For crime we must fund police, end no cash bail, no more releasing on the same day of arrest and more. I believe with strong conservative leadership we can turn this city and this state around same way Republicans in Florida has been able to do in their own state. I hope you can help me get networked with fellow Republican groups in Chicago so they can aid me in my journey to creating a better future. Thank you and have a blessed Sunday
  • Carlene Porter
    commented 2024-02-17 14:15:17 -0800
    Just wondering if anything is going on to protest against the border , trumps civil case , money to Ukraine. And every thing else. We need to do something . but I don’t know what.let me know if anything is going on . or if I can help. Thanks
  • Lynn Wyman
    commented 2024-01-30 10:33:01 -0800
    I attended last fall’s CRP Convention. I purchased a ticket to the TPCC dinner September 30, 2023. I was unable to attend, but was told by the treasurer that I would get a refund, because there were people on the waiting list. I have tried calling and emailing numerous times, but never received a response or a refund. It seems there are others that are not receiving responses either….
  • Robert Howell
    commented 2024-01-10 10:57:25 -0800
    Looking for an endorsement Running for State Senate District 15
  • ed mac
    commented 2023-10-27 20:45:16 -0700
    Like a speaker to speak to our group in pasadena, CA
  • Gene Johnson
    commented 2023-10-03 10:59:17 -0700
    go to and look around. If you cannot get a hold of anyone email [email protected] or go to
  • Agnes Gibboney
    commented 2023-09-13 15:20:06 -0700
    I have left 2 messages to number above, no call back.

    I have sent an email to donna, no response.

    How does someone contact anyone at Tea Party Caucus?
  • Mike P
    commented 2023-03-10 01:47:21 -0800
    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you.
  • Jean Myers
    commented 2023-02-15 12:06:06 -0800
    I tried to join so I could sign up for the dinner, but it took me to a payment page in Canada!!! Please help! Jean Myers
  • Jason Anderson
    commented 2022-03-30 20:12:45 -0700
  • Kenneth White
    commented 2021-09-21 21:46:21 -0700
    I tried to buy two tickets to the BBQ not sure if payment went through or not Kenneth White, please confirm ..
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  • Delia Michelle
    @peaches_puma tweeted link to this page. 2021-03-19 08:32:50 -0700
  • Michelle Huffman
    commented 2021-03-19 08:32:24 -0700
    I see there are a lot of inquiries for becoming a precincts member. Please let me know how I can become a precinct member in my are. Thank you.
  • Nathalie Akona
    commented 2021-02-18 13:39:33 -0800
    How do I sign up to be a precinct committee man when our GOP website for our district still has the former congressman on it? It hasn’t even been updated since the election?
  • Peggy Lesley
    commented 2021-02-15 09:03:05 -0800
    how do I become a precinct committeemen I already signed up for Caucus and pd my membership so where I go from here the 2 ppl I called didn’t have no clue
  • Heather M
    commented 2021-02-10 20:55:48 -0800
    Hi, I’m looking for information on how you volunteer to become a Precinct Committeemen. I also tried to send an email to the info email you have listed and it was send back to me.
  • Karla Sears
    commented 2021-02-10 16:36:49 -0800
    How to get information about being a precinct member volunteer….
  • Theresa De La Cova
    commented 2021-02-10 13:27:02 -0800
    I’d like to be a Precinct committee member.
  • Tiffany Walker
    commented 2021-02-10 13:09:43 -0800
    I want to be a local Precinct Committeemen volunteer. This sight may be old because the dates on here are from 6 to 2 years ago, please let me know how I can get involved
  • Richard Gilman
    commented 2021-02-10 10:54:40 -0800
    I would like to find out more information about becoming a precinct committeeman. If someone could let me know who and when I may contact to inquire this information, please. Thank you in advance
  • Peggy Lesley
    commented 2021-02-10 09:04:00 -0800
    like to become a precinct commitymen for rep
  • Alan Cates
    commented 2021-02-06 09:37:59 -0800
    2/6 – Find Local TPCC not working.

    Is there a local group for Vista, California?
  • Steve Escarcega
    commented 2021-01-03 11:28:57 -0800
    The tab “Find your local tea party” on your site doesn’t work.

    I was considering joining but there is no recent newsletter. Seems like you don’t keep members posted on latest developments.
  • Malcolm McGough
    commented 2020-09-03 16:12:48 -0700
    Hi, I just tried to make a payment of 25 for the convention. Could you check whether it went through. Thanks
  • Sylvia Marchi-Glynn
    commented 2020-07-13 09:02:48 -0700
    I just paid to attend the Fall Convention in Sept in Fresno. Did you receive my


    Thank you, Sylvia
  • Alison Hayden
    commented 2019-09-02 10:53:40 -0700
    I will attend the Convention’s Tea Party dinner and am happy to volunteer where needed.
  • Carol Hile
    commented 2019-08-29 14:39:16 -0700
    so happy to know there is a Tea party in California. I would like to get more involved in up coming events: Rally’s, Door to Door, Phone Banks, Watching the polls, voter registration and Mainly letting the citizens that events will be happening for 2020
  • Kevin Hangman
    commented 2019-08-28 11:08:15 -0700
    I would like to attend your dinner on Sept 7. I made a $50 donation through your website for a ticket.
  • Barbara Jensen
    commented 2019-08-24 17:23:14 -0700
    Hi… I think I just purchased two tickets for the Graham Ledger event. However, I haven’t received any kind of confirmation. Can you help?
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