Proxy Voting

Not showing up is another vote for the other side.

There are tens of hundreds of delegates to the California Republican Party. However, many never vote on the floor of the CRP Conventions. Many are hard working conservatives who cannot attend due to finances or available time. But just because you can't attend in person doesn't mean your voice cannot be heard.

home.184.jpgWhat is a proxy vote?

A proxy vote is your handed via an official party permission slip to another delegate or an associate member. A delegate can carry up to two proxies, which means they have three votes - theirs and the votes of the two people who gave them their vote. An associate can carry two proxies as well, meaning that while they don't have a vote of their own, they still can count for two votes.

Can you trust a proxy vote?

The problem is how can you be sure your appointed proxy is voting your way? Many disreputable groups make empty promises to trusting delegates who then take those proxies and vote for personal agendas. How do you know you can trust the person to vote the right way?

Tea Party California Caucus is a trusted and dedicated group of conservatives. When you give your proxy to TPCC, you know it is going to principled conservatives who will vote the most conservative way possible. It's our mission and we have a track record to prove it.

So how do I give you my proxy?

There are a few simple rules to follow in providing your proxy:

  1. You must be a current appointed delegate to the California Republican Party.
  2. Your dues must be paid in full to provide a proxy vote.
  3. You may only give one (1) proxy form to one (1) appointee per convention.
  4. Proxy forms are unique to each convention and must be correct for the intended convention.
  5. Proxy forms cannot contain cross outs or white outs.
  6. Submitted proxy forms must be an original document - no photocopies, no PDFs, no faxes.
  7. Your proxy holder must be a delegate or an associate member of the party as well.*
    * TPCC takes care of this step for you! These instructions are only if you seek to appoint your own proxy holder.
    • Their dues must be paid in full.
    • They must register and pay for the CRP convention where they are voting.
    • They can only carry a total of (2) proxy votes.

Click here to download a copy of a Proxy Form for the Fall 2015 CRP Convention


How do I fill this thing out?

  1. Fill out the top two lines for the proxy giver name and address.
  2. SKIP lines 3 & 4 for the proxy holder.
    Please leave this section blank. These fields will be assigned at the convention to a conservative TPCC volunteer who will carry your vote.
  3. Sign and date the form on lines 5&6
  4. Send your completed ORIGINAL form to:

    Alameda County Republican Party
    1039 MacArthur Blvd
    San Leandro, CA 94577

    Tea Party California Caucus partners with the Alameda County Republican Party to coordinate conservative Republican Delegates statewide. 

Thank you for lending us your vote!