TPCC Saturday Morning Session

October 21, 2017
CAGOP Fall 2017 Convention
Anaheim Marriott Convention Center - Room Platinum 4 (See Map)

Master of Ceremonies:
Woody Woodrum, California Screaming Eagles

The Fundamental Transformation of California
From a Constitutional Republic to an Open Borders, Socialist Oligarchy


Presented by
Linda Paine and Ruth Weiss
Election Integrity Project of California (EIPCa)

  • How is the transformation happening?
  • How complete is it?
  • What does this mean to Candidates, Political Parties and ALL California Citizens?
  • The EIPCa solution to stop and reverse the trend
  • Legal help to the rescue
  • Citizen oversight of the electoral process as the linchpin of Restoring the Republic

Also featuring special guest


State Senator Joel Anderson

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