Dear Republican Delegate,

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PPINO — Political Party In Name Only (pronounced pee-pee-no)?

In a few short weeks the California Republican Party will hold its Fall Convention.

There will be rules changes, resolutions, training workshops, networking — the usual. The convention will feature a great speaker and the chance to reconnect with friends from around the State. We will have meetings with legislative candidates and our statewide candidates.

But at the end of the day, very little will have changed. Sure we will have more information from all those meetings, and maybe more energy for victory — hopefully for a GOP victory even here in California — but nothing of consequence to alter the current path our party is on the agenda.

That said, this convention will provide a great opportunity to begin the process of rebuilding the Republican Party in California. It all starts with the convention passing a resolution putting the Party on record of supporting the repeal of Prop 14.

In 2012 there were 28 races with only one Party on the ballot. This November there are 24 such races.

Because of Prop 14 there is no reason for voters to register as a Republican since they can vote for Republicans and Democrats on the primary ballot. Republican candidates in the primary work to get Democrat votes — Democrats work in the primary to get Republican votes.

Now both parties are "Political Parties in Name Only" (PPINO). Parties and candidates more interested in collecting rich donors and cherry picking voters than for running on principles and policies. For a political party to have a future, it has to stand for something, and for a political party to stand for something, it must be able to have a say in its candidates.

In the long run, if candidates need to depend on special interests and the very rich for their campaigns, and if there is no reason for voters to register in a political Party, there is no reason for the political Party. Indeed, PPINO is exactly the road we are taking.

There will be a resolution presented to put the California Republican Party on record asking for the repeal of Prop 14. This is the first step in returning the Republican Party in California as a Party of voters and principled candidates. Unless Prop 14 is repealed, the very rich special interests, including the unions, will stay in control of the candidates and the now-defunct political parties.

These special interests in both the Republican and Democrat Parties prefer control to policy and an honest elections. They believe taking the Republican and Democrat Parties off the ballot is good — for them. It is time political leadership include the grassroots and those who work the political campaigns.

There is a way that we delegates can help pull our leaders that direction — by voting on the convention floor for strong policies like the Prop 14 resolution. We delegates need to be the momentum within our party to take our party forward.

I know not everyone will be able to attend the Convention. If you are not attending, please send me your proxy, so you can be assured your vote will go to repeal Prop 14 and make the California Republican Party a complete Party, with Republican voters choosing their Republican Candidates. We will be able to carry your proxy and vote in a way that defends our Republican values.

If you are interested, please download a proxy form here, and send your signed copy to:

Randall Jordan
c/o Tea Party California Caucus
902 21st Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Or you can email your signed form to me as well.

Let's repeal Prop 14 and make the Republican Party a Party of candidates and voters again.


Randall Jordan
Chairman, Tea Party California Caucus
Delegate, San Luis Obispo County, California Republican Party

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