Stop the Obama EPA Regulations/Policies to Kill the Oil Industry

Whereas, the Obama Administration has used government regulations to kill the coal industry, cause energy prices to rise, to kill tens of thousands of jobs, while spending billions on Solyndra and other bankrupt solar firms, and

Whereas, President Obama is now going after the oil industry, to kill it off via new regulations and adding costs to the price of energy and production of products and services, and

Whereas, per the Fiscal Times, “The budget proposes to increase royalty fees for fossil fuel projects on public lands to raise a projected $2.5 billion over the next 10 years. About $10 million of that would go to fund greater oversight and regulation of oil and gas sites on federal lands and in federal waters, and

Whereas, the budget plan would also wipe out an estimated $44 billion of energy industry tax breaks over the coming decade, and

Whereas, at the same time the Administration is changing the definition of “quality” air, so by definition making good air bad, by government fiat in California, forcing higher energy costs and closing of businesses that cannot afford to meet the new arbitrary regulations, and

Whereas, the Obama Administration has shown its support of high cost energy such as solar, biomass, wind turbines, hydrogen and other alternative energy sources that raise the cost of energy for families and businesses.

Therefore be it resolved, that the California Republican party in convention on march 1, 2015 in Sacramento California go on record is opposition of these EPA regulations that harms families and job creation,

Be it further resolved that the California Republican Party send a copy of this resolution to the California Republican delegation to Congress asking them to use legislative means to protect jobs and families, and that a copy of this resolution also goes to the media.

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