How to Win the Latino Vote - Recap from CAGOP Latino Workshop Fall 2013

This is an original report from TPCC members Steve and Maureen Guffanti, who attended the CRP's CAGOP Latino Workshop at the Fall 2013 Convention.

There is an old saying, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

According to Latino Elected Officials Roundtable at CAGOP Fall 2013, the way Latinos know you care is if you support families first, which essentially means jobs and quality education. By jobs they don’t mean having the government hire them; they mean reducing the red tape so they can start a small business with minimal hassle. Quality education means to open up the educational choices, because for the last 30+ years about 50% of Latinos have dropped out. Latinos deserve choice – vouchers and charters – their children should not be condemned to poorly performing schools.

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Observations from the Fall Convention

donaldjeffries.pngThis is an original report from TPCC Steering Committee member Donald Jeffries. Donald lives in Turlock and is a member of the Turlock Tea Party.

The three days of the Convention was an interesting learning experience, for a lot of reasons.

It had been some time, since I have been to the Los Angels area and even longer since I have been in a 5 Star Hotel. So just walking into the establishment hosting the Convention was a pleasure that Friday morning.

I arrived early enough to walk around, exercise the escalators and elevators and discover where the Starbucks, MIX Restaurant and CRP registration was as well as our Caucus booth and rooms.

My opinion of the organizational skills, of the Republican Party, is low. They are not out there doing and accomplishing and working hard like the Democrat Party is. However, they do seem to know how to organize a convention.

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Govern Your County GOP

By Ron Robinson

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It's not that hard to become a voting member of any political party.  What is surprising is how few people participate in party governance.  

Did you know that nationwide, half the voting seats in our parties are vacant?  Unoccupied.  Empty.  When Ben Franklin emerged from the constitutional convention, he was asked what sort of government they had created.  

He replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it."  

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Observations from a Different World

donaldjeffries.pngThis is an original report from TPCC Steering Committee member Donald Jeffries. Donald lives in Turlock and is a member of the Turlock Tea Party.

9 October 2013

Back in the beginning of 2013, at the first California Republican Party (CRP) Convention, of the year, Conservative Republicans decided to wear a yellow ribbon, to identify one another. The yellow ribbon is a “Please come home safe and sound.” support message for our war zone military. I view the wearing of it at the CRP Convention as a message to Conservatives to find strength and comfort in banding together.

It was because of the wearing of that ribbon that it was discovered, in conversation, that many of the Republican Conservatives were also involved with a Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party. This in turn led to two men, one of which is a TEA Party Leader, to meet over lunch and discuss gathering those other CRP TEA Party involved Conservatives together. This in turn led to the establishment of the TEA Party California Caucus.

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CA Tea Parties Launch Tea Party California Caucus

Visit our opening page to read about the Caucus and to join the caucus.  

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