CRP Spring 2014 Convention

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TPCC General Caucus Meeting - Saturday, March 15th 2014:

4:00 Meeting Start
11:35 Randall Jordan - What is Tea Party California Caucus?
16:55 Speaker: Catherine Engelbrecht, True the Vote
42:55 Candidate Shout-Outs
43:43 Steve Frank - Statewide Recruitment Plan
53:06 Steve Brandau - Getting Involved
59:25 Speaker: Congressman Tom McClintock


Pictures from the Convention:

Articles about the Convention:

Resolutions submitted* to the CRP Spring 2014 Convention:

* TPCC submitted resolutions to CRP Chairman Jim Brulte who approved the resolutions for review and approval by the CRP Resolutions Committee. Come the Resolutions Meeting on the Saturday of the Convention, the Resolutions Committee failed to come to a quorum, and NO resolutions were passed during the Spring 2014 Convention.

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